Did it hit the pad or the bat?" Rizwan's question to the batsman and commentators left the players and commentators laughing.

In the ICC World Cup match between Pakistan and Bangladesh, a humorous incident was captured on video and quickly went viral on social media.

The video is currently trending on the social media platform Twitter, where it can be seen that during the 43rd over of Bangladesh’s innings, Pakistan’s fast bowler Shaheen Afridi delivered a ball that hit Taskin Ahmed, a Bangladeshi batsman. The ball then ricocheted off Taskin’s pads and made its way to the wicketkeeper. Rizwan, Pakistan’s wicketkeeper, made an appeal, but the umpire gave it not out.

Pakistan’s players pondered the decision and consulted their captain Babar Azam for a review. However, what transpired next was a light-hearted exchange that had the spectators and commentators in splits. Rizwan approached the batsman Taskin and inquired, “Did it hit the pad or the bat?” This question left both the players and commentators laughing heartily.

Rizwan’s innocent query brought smiles not only to the players’ faces but also to those in the commentary box. This video quickly gained popularity on social media platforms, showcasing the lighter side of cricket and the camaraderie that often exists between players on the field.

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