Did Muhammad Shami stop while performing Sajdah

In the 33rd match of the ICC World Cup, Indian bowler Mohammed Shami, who had been giving a tough time to the Sri Lankan batting lineup, went viral on social media for his actions after taking five wickets.

The match was played at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, where Mohammed Shami managed to take 5 wickets by giving away 18 runs in 5 overs.

The video that went viral on social media shows that in the 18th over, after dismissing Kasun Rajitha as his fifth wicket, he sat on the ground and then began celebrating with his fellow players. Social media users speculated that Shami was about to perform a Sajdah (prostration) but stopped, possibly due to concerns about the reaction he might receive in India.

One user mentioned that Shami seemed like he was about to perform a Sajdah, but he realized that he was in India and might face strong criticism for it.

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