Threat by Israeli Minister to Drop an Atomic Bomb on Gaza

Naftali Bennett, an Israeli minister associated with the far-right Yamina party, has made a statement that Israel has several options, including the last and final resort of dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza, to win the war in Gaza.

According to The Times of Israel, when asked about the possibility of an atomic attack on Gaza in a radio interview, Minister of Culture and Sports Ayelet Shaked, who has ties to the extremist faction, said that it’s one of the options available to the Israeli military for the war in Gaza.

Ayelet Shaked, who is closely associated with the far-right political group, raised objections to the international aid sent to Gaza under the pretext of humanitarian assistance, portraying it as propaganda while overlooking the mass killing of civilians, including women and children.

The hardline Jewish organization’s minister also rejected the delivery of humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, even when asked about the shipment of international aid sent for those in need, adding that Palestinians can go to Ireland or choose a desert.

The Israeli minister reiterated that there is no right for anyone waving the Palestinian or Hamas flag in the northern strip of Gaza, and they should not live in this land.

It’s worth noting that the mentioned Israeli minister is associated with a faction that advocates for the eviction of Palestinians from the northern strip of Gaza and populating Jewish settlements in the area.

The Times of Israel sought to downplay the impact of the Jewish minister’s incendiary remarks, stating that they are not part of the security cabinet’s decisions or have any influence on changing the decisions of the security cabinet.

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